AYUDH is the international youth wing of Embracing the World®, a global network of charitable activities created by Amma. It is a movement of young people who want to lead a life based on spiritual values. Starting with ourselves, we want to help in generating a future of hope, peace and social engagement while maintaining an awareness of universal spiritual principles.

AYUDH stands for Amrita Yuva Dhara Dharma, a Sanskrit term which can freely be translated as AYUDH –Amrita Yuva Dharma Dhara - can freely be translated from Sanskrit as “the youth who perpetuate the wheel of righteousness.” In Sanskrit "Ayudh" also means Peace, which is also symbolized by the dove in our logo.

The dove also reminds one of the following allegory Amma frequently uses: “The two wings of a bird represent love and compassion. The tail stands for the spiritual knowledge and discriminative intellect which are necessary to steer the bird into the right direction. All these qualities help us to fly free in life, be independent and happy.”

With Amma’s loving guidance and blessings, may AYUDH be able to spread the message of love and peace to society - on the wings of a dove.


- green initiatives

- social service

- personal development

- intercultural exchange

AYUDH Leaders Training Summit 2017 at Amritapuri


The participants of this summit were instrumental in furthering AYUDH’s vision and mission.

They were also blessed to have the opportunity to bask in Amma’s divine presence and received opportunities to learn much about life and love, and about how to prepare themselves internally and externally to face the challenges of the modern-day world boldly.
This summit also included a host of exciting activities and workshops as well as learning and motivational sessions led by experts in various areas.

Adeel Surendran (AYUDH New Zealand) speaking at the AYUDH Leaders Training Summit 2017 at Amritapuri


AYUDH New Zealand meets AYUDH India