Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, known throughout the world simply as "Amma" (means Mother in certain Indian languages), is a spiritual leader, humanitarian and visionary, has served the world-community for decades, imparting wisdom, strength and inspiration.

Amma is also known as "The Hugging Saint". Amma's form of giving blessing (called Darshan) is by hugging people. Amma has embraced more than 34 million people throughout the world for over 30 years.

Amma New Zealand Inc is a not for profit  charitable organisation founded to promote Amma's  message of peace, love and compassion in New Zealand. It was incorporated in August 2007. Our objectives are to: 

  • Spread principles and teachings of Amma to the community. 
  • Conduct regular spiritual meetings (Meditation, Satsang & Kirtan). 
  • Organize fundraising programs to support Amma’s humanitarian activities. 
  • Organize community services (Blood donation, Feeding the homeless, Tree plantation). 

Invite Amma to New Zealand

Amma travels around the world spreading Her unconditional love, touching people’s lives, sharing their joys, wiping their tears, giving them strength and courage, and most importantly letting them know that they are not alone.


It is indeed a time of unity and peace when Amma comes for a visit. 

We are trying our best to bring Amma for first time to New Zealand and to provide you with this unusual heart filling experience. Please show us your support by filling up the below form. Your contact details will be useful in estimating the crowd for logistic reasons.

Thank you.  

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